MEDILITE Product Range:

Capital Engineers is a manufacturer and suppliers of a wide range of high quality Medical, Surgical and Hospital Furniture products. Our products are certified ISO and We Manufacture our Product over 50 years.

Hospital Bed Ward Furniture Ward / Patient Trolley Operation Table
Hospital Bed- ICU.

Bed Side Locker.

Emergency Patient Trolley

Swab Rack

Hospital Bed- Fowler.

Over Bed Table.

Stretcher on Trolley

Operation Table

Hospital Bed- Semi Fowler.

Cardiac Table.

Patient Trolley

Obstetric Labour Table

Hospital Bed-Ward.

Bed Side Screen

Instrument Trolley

Gyne Table

Hospital Bed-Home Care.

Foot Step.

Medicine Trolley

Examination Couch

Hospital Attendant Bed

Revolving Stool

Dressing Trolley

Delivery Bed

Attendant Chair Cum Bed

Saline Stand.

Monitor Trolley

Examination Table

Hospital Bed-Pediatric.

Baby Bassinette.

Crash Cart

Examination Cum Gyne Table

Hospital Bed-ICU

Instrument Cabinet.


Medicine Crash cart Trolley

Operation C Arm Table