• Tabletop made of strong steel with steel side railing.
  • Overall Dimension: L 2120 mm x W 1025 mm, H 600mm ~ 850 mm.
  • Height Movement Controlled by Single Action Hydraulic Pump to achieve smooth and efficient operation without any jerks.
  • Backrest adjustable on the ratchet, removable foot & head panel.
  • The whole top can be tilted to Trendelenburg position with the help of a Gas pump with a smooth handle.
  • Table in mounted on castors wheels to easily move one place to another with locking system.
  • Middle Section with ‘U’ cut & leg section can slide completely under the mainframe.
  • Provision of wash Basin below the seat section.
  • Leg section can be used easily to perform operation / cesarean section.
  • Two hand grips made of stainless steel on each side of the table for the patient to hold during labor pain.
  • Max weight capacity: 250 kg