• Electrically operated with cable remote.
  • Having all surgical position Chair, Neuro, Spinal, Flex/ Reflex, Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg, Lateral, Lithotomy Position.
  • The eccentrically position table column and inter-changeable head and leg section allow optima use of the C-ARM image Intensifier.
  • Movement Controlled by the Actuators to achieve smooth and without any jerks.
  • The Electric System is maintenance free, virtually silent, waterproof, shockproof, demands no force to operate and operates with greater strength and smoother operation.
  • Table is mounted on castors wheels with break.
  • Head and leg sections are interchangeable.
  • Bade and column covers and made of stainless steel for easy cleaning.
  • Rodio Translucent top. Stainless steel rails with clamps accepts all standard accessories.
  • Technical Date: 185 L x 50 W x 75 to 95 Ht. cm.
  • Trendelenburg/ Reverse 35 deg. Lateral tilt 20 deg. (both side) Flex/ Reflex 220 deg.
  • Standard Accessories: Anesthetist Screen, Arm rest with SS top, Padded Lateral Support, Padded Lithotomy Crutches, Padded shoulder support, Rubber mattress.